About Us

Welcome to Royal Park

Let us introduce you to a rare notation in hospitality. Experience Luxury and hospitality at pleasantly low price. A veritable oasis, our pride hotel is set at the heart of the town within walking distance of bustling shopping and entertainment centers.

Redefined elegance and lavish comfort greet guests in each of our spacious rooms and suites.


This hotel was designed with luxury and homeliness in mind and was executed to perfection. The decor is unparalleled in the region. The interior design is truly world class. The lobby with Italian marble and a rare blend of natural & ambient light is a treat to eyes. Eighty four (84) elegant rooms encompass the atrium which extends to the top of the world. Individual care is provided by our Courteous staff, with a target to exceed your expectations.

Situated in the main Business area of the town.One hour drive from airport, radias of 2km from Beach, Railway and Bus Terminals.